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Texoma Classics: Premier Classic Car Restoration in Sherman, Texas – Located near Lake Texoma, Texoma Classics is your go-to for expert classic car restoration. From Dodge Brothers to Model T classics, we specialize in everything from vintage car restoration to modern technology integrations in custom builds.

Comprehensive Automotive Services – At Texoma Classics, we offer detailed classic car refurbishment, including custom paint jobs, new upholstery, and modern upgrades like Vintage Air Conditioning and advanced audio systems. If you're searching for a reliable "restoration shop near me," Texoma Classics in Sherman is your answer. While our focus is on being the best classic car restoration shop in Texas, we also restore RVs, Commercial Trailers, Tractors, Horse Trailers, and everything in between.

Restoration with Precision – Every classic car we handle is set for a top-notch restoration, ensuring a perfect blend of its storied past and future readiness. Our services cover all aspects of classic car care, ensuring your vehicle is road-ready for today’s standards. Check out our services for a full scope of how we prepare each classic car for the roads of tomorrow.

Local Classic Car Restoration Experts – For those in Texomaland or Oklahoma, choose Texoma Classics for your "classic car restoration near me" needs. We offer efficient, high-quality classic car restoring services, redefining what it means to preserve a classic. Visit us in Sherman, Texas, for unparalleled classic car restoration and customization services.

Build a Brand New Muscle Car, or the classic car of your dreams with Texoma Classics



How Building a Replica or Recreation Works

Building a Classic Car from Scratch

First, we select a make and model of Classic that fits your style. Then, We work with you to determine a wish list of parts to build the car of your dreams. We offer a wide variety of body styles, and have built Cobra Kit Cars, Chevelle Kit Cars, Hot Rod Kit Cars, Speedsters, Coupes, and even Supercar builds like the Ford GT.
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Why Choose Texoma Classics?

Leading Experts in Texomaland and Beyond – Choosing Texoma Classics means you're trusting your classic car to the top restoration shop in Texomaland, covering Oklahoma and Lake Texoma areas. We take pride in our expert-level attention to detail and craftsmanship in every restoration and recreation project. Learn about our extensive services on our services page.

Demonstrated Quality and Expertise – Our team at Texoma Classics is dedicated to delivering quality in every project, from restoring Dodge Brothers classics to crafting customized vehicles. When searching for "classic car restoration near me", choose Texoma Classics to make sure every aspect of your vehicle meets high standards of quality and modern functionality.

Deeply Rooted in Local Car Culture – As a vital part of the Texomaland automotive community, Texoma Classics upholds the area's rich car heritage. We see classic cars as more than just vehicles; they are tangible memories. This ethos guides every "classic car restored" in our shop, blending advanced techniques with traditional values for a perfect restoration.

Trust and Artistry in Every Project – By selecting Texoma Classics, you are choosing a team committed to the art and history of classic cars. Our reputation in Sherman, Texas, and beyond is grounded in trust, expert skill, and a passion for every car we work on. Reach out to us to discuss your classic car's restoration or customization. Visit our contact page to start your vehicle's transformation journey with Texoma Classics.

Discover Our Craftsmanship: The Project Gallery

Innovation Meets Tradition at Texoma Classics – At Texoma Classics, we expertly merge automotive history with modern innovation. Each vehicle is a canvas, showcasing our skill in blending traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Our Project Gallery is a testament to this, highlighting our expertise in restomod and classic recreations.

A Portfolio of Diverse Restorations and Recreations – Our diverse portfolio includes detailed stories of iconic vehicles like the '69 Camaro restomod, the classic 1969 Mustang restomod, and the modernized Corvette restomod. The gallery provides a step-by-step view of each vehicle's transformation, showcasing our meticulous approach to restoration.

Wide Range of Classic and Restomod Masterpieces – Our Project Gallery features a variety of vehicles, from the sleek classic Corvette to the powerful restomod Camaro. We take pride in every restomod Mustang that leaves our shop, and we're passionate about adding new chapters to every classic car, including the C3 Corvette resto-mod and the Chevelle restomod.

Your Classic Car's Future at Texoma Classics – Texoma Classics is more than a restoration shop; we are your link to the past and future of classic cars. Our projects illustrate the transformation of classics into restomods, ready for modern roads while preserving their historic essence. Explore our Project Gallery to see the potential for your classic car at Texoma Classics.