March 20, 2023

What is a Full Frame off Restoration?

We specialize in frame-off restorations

A frame-off restoration is the most complete method of bringing life back into a classic car. This is the process of fully disassembling the car to its individual components, restoring or replacing each part and reassembling the vehicle to as good if not better than original condition.

Not all restorations are created equal


For the purist, we can perform a factory original, full frame-off restoration. This approach focuses on restoring the classic car to its factory specification. As a result, we either restore the original part or replace the part with a factory original part.


A variation of the factory original restoration is the restomod. Just as the name implies, we combine performing the restoration with certain modifications as determined by the vehicle owner. The extent to which we will perform modifications is solely dependent on the owner.

For most restomod projects, a new drivetrain is installed along with new chassis, suspension, brakes, wheels and exhaust. Creature comfort features such as air conditioning and custom upholstery is also a common favorite among enthusiasts.

To take customization even further, bold features such as custom designed interiors, including bespoke seat covers, console, dash pad, custom interior panels and hardware can also be achieved. Last but not least is the paint. From custom colors, designs and effects, nothing strikes a more personal statement than a custom paint job.

Restoration work is truly restorative

The process of properly restoring a classic car involves a great deal of effort and time to deliver the final product. Below is a summary description of activities we undertake to accomplish this.

  • Body work, including rust repair, encompassing not limited to floor pans, rocker panels, firewall, rear quarters, inner wheel well replacements. Panel rust through areas are cut out and patch panels are welded in and ground to achieve a proper surface.
  • In-depth paint process, including media blasting to bare metal, rust prevention via full dip services or acid etching applications. Applying epoxy seal, skim coat fill, sanding, multi layers of primer, sanding, spray base coat color, spray of clear coat, wet sanding, cut and buffing to a mirror shine.
  • Engine rebuilds, boring cylinders, installing new pistons and rings, grinding of crank, installing new crank and rod bearings. Installing decking heads, machining in new hardened seats along with new valves. Hot vatting block, clearing all passages, decking block and installing new freeze out plugs. Reassembly, torquing, painting, installing accessory drive and intake system.
  • Engine upgrades such as LS, Coyote and Hemi swaps along with the installation of ECU and TCU.
  • Installing automatic or manual transmissions, new cross members and custom rear ends.
  • Measuring, building and installing new custom drive shaft if installing a new engine/transmission, full body wiring harness repair or replacement to include verification of all electrical components.
  • Repairing or rebuilding any electrical unit in need of repair or restoration.
  • Brake repair or disk brake conversations. Installing new master cylinder, power booster, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, calipers and proportioning valve.
  • Suspension repair or conversions.
  • Upholstery including either replacement of factory made covers or complete custom interiors.
  • Entertainment packages from a simple radio restoration/replacement to a full blown sound system.
  • Gap alignment, assuring all gaps, hood, fenders, doors and trunk are as good if not better than original factory specs.
  • Tune up using electronic equipment to tune older engines or computer software to tune the new digital engines.

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