Sell your Shop

What we do

We continue to grow our business, extend our reach, increase our scale, and we are continuously seeking new business opportunities with other classic car restoration shops.


Sell us your business

Whether you are seeking an exit strategy from your classic restoration shop, wanting to consolidate your business with another or purely explore opportunities with another shop, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. The conversation and topics discussed are and will remain confidential.

Extend your reach

Give us a call to discuss partnership opportunities such as referrals, website backlinks, marketing opportunities, and more!


Have extra stalls in your facility?  Too much work and not enough workers? Whatever the reason may be, Texoma Classics may be able to help. 

We're always happy to hear from other shop owners!

Whether you're in the market to sell, merge, or just discuss co-marketing strategies, we look forward to speaking with you.