July 1, 2024

Restoration of a 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine

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The History of the 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine

The Delahaye brand, established in 1894, is renowned for producing luxury automobiles and commercial vehicles. The 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine is a testament to the brand’s engineering prowess and commitment to quality. These fire engines were known for their reliability and were often used by fire departments across Europe.

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This 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine now stands as a tribute to the craftsmanship and dedication of the past, preserved for future generations to appreciate in a museum setting.

Restoration in Progress: 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine

The restoration of the 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine was a meticulous and challenging process that showcased our team’s expertise and dedication. This historic fire engine required an extensive overhaul to bring it back to its original glory, involving the fabrication and replacement of numerous components.

Custom Woodwork and Fabrication: One of the most significant aspects of the restoration was addressing the deteriorated wooden elements of the fire engine. Over the decades, the original wood had succumbed to rot and decay. Our skilled craftsmen painstakingly replaced these sections with custom woodwork, ensuring that each piece matched the original design specifications. This involved sourcing high-quality timber and employing traditional woodworking techniques to maintain historical accuracy.

Bodywork and Iconic Red Paint: The bodywork restoration was another critical phase of the project. The fire engine’s metal panels and framework required extensive repair to eliminate rust and structural damage. Once the bodywork was perfected, it was time for the iconic fire engine red paint. This step not only restored the fire engine’s visual appeal but also provided a protective layer to preserve the bodywork for years to come.

Attention to Detail: Every step of the restoration process was executed with an unwavering commitment to detail. Our team took great care to ensure that each component, from the smallest bolt to the largest panel, was true to the original specifications of the 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine. This dedication to authenticity is what sets our restorations apart.