We have worked hard in developing a one stop, full turnkey shop where every aspect of the vehicle is supported from bumper to bumper. As such, our pricing works out to be fundamentally different than smaller, less capable shops. While the prices of our individual services remain competitive, the real value stems from our extensive capabilities.

Being able to perform all tasks necessary for any restoration project saves time and money when compared to outsourcing various jobs to separate entities. It also makes it easier to successfully communicate your intentions, keep the project on track, handle bumps in the road, and stay on budget.

Ultimately, this increase in efficiency means our effective pricing is significantly less than our competition, although nominally it may be similar on a per-service basis. We have worked tirelessly to get our business to this stage, knowing that once we achieved this level of capacity we could offer a service that is in a different league than most other restoration companies.

Most importantly, these cost savings come from running an efficient operation and cutting out the fat, not from compromising on the quality of our work, materials, or equipment.

All restorations are customized to your individual needs and vehicle, and as such pricing is subject to variation. Please contact us for more information.

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