December 16, 2021

Massey Ferguson Tractor Restoration

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Embark on a journey through agricultural history with Texoma Classics as we meticulously restore a Massey Ferguson Tractor. This vintage tractor isn’t just a piece of machinery; it’s a symbol of farming heritage, dependability, and timeless craftsmanship, and we’re dedicated to bringing it back to its former glory. Join us on a captivating visual journey through the restoration process, where the spirit of classic tractors meets modern craftsmanship and innovation.

At Texoma Classics, our passion for preserving agricultural history shines through in every restoration project we undertake. With the Massey Ferguson Tractor, we’re not just restoring a piece of equipment; we’re rekindling the essence of American farming excellence. Our team of skilled artisans and restoration experts meticulously breathe new life into every aspect of this iconic tractor, from its rugged design to its dependable performance.

This isn’t just a restoration; it’s a transformation. As we pay homage to the original aesthetics while incorporating modern upgrades for enhanced reliability and capabilities, we’re crafting a Massey Ferguson Tractor that captures the enduring spirit of farming traditions while meeting the demands of today’s agricultural needs. Whether you’re a farmer, a collector, or someone who appreciates the legacy of classic tractors, our restoration projects epitomize the spirit of American agricultural heritage.

Witness the magic as Texoma Classics turns this Massey Ferguson Tractor into a rolling testament to classic farming, ready to work the fields with style and power once more. Explore how we’re turning dreams into reality, one restoration at a time, and envision the possibilities for your own journey with Texoma Classics, where vintage tractors are reborn with a touch of modern reliability.


Massey Ferguson Limited is an American agricultural machinery manufacturer. The company was established in 1953 through the merger of farm equipment makers Massey-Harris of Canada and the Ferguson Company of the United Kingdom. It was based in Brantford, Ontario, until 1988. The company transferred is headquarters in 1997 to Buffalo, New York, U.S. before it was acquired by AGCO, the new owner of its former competitor Allis-Chalmers. Massey Ferguson is among several brands in a portfolio produced and marketed by American industrial agricultural equipment conglomerate AGCO and a major seller in international markets around the world.

In 1847, Daniel Massey establised the Newcastle Foundry and Machine Manufactory in what is now Newcastle, Clarington, Ontario, Canada. The company made some of the world’s fist mechanical threshers, at first by assembling parts from the United States, but eventually designing and building its own equipment. Daniel Massey’s son, Hart Massey, subsequently renamed the enterprise as the Massey Manufacturing Co. In 1879, the company moced to Toronto, where it soon became one of the city’s leading employers. The huge complex of factories, consisting of a 4.4-hectare (11-acre) site with plant and head office at 915 King Street West (now part of Liberty Village), became one of the best-known features of the city. The company expanded further and began to sell its products internationally. Through extensive advertising campaigns, it became one of the most well-known brands in Canada. A labor shortage throughout the country also helped to make the firm’s mechanized equipment very attractive.

In 1891, the Massey Manufacturing Co. merged with A. Harris, Son and Company to from Massey-Harris Limited, which became the largest agricultural equipment maker in the British Empire. Massey-Harris made threshing machines and reapers, as well as safety bicycles, introducing a shaft-driven model in 1898. In 1910, Massey-Harris acquired the Johnston Harvester Company of Batavia, New York, making it one of Canada’s first multinational firms.

The company’s early tractor models included the 20 horsepower Massey-Harris GP 15/22 (1930-36), 25 horsepower ‘Massey-Harris Pacemaker’ (1936-1939), 35 horsepower Model 101 (1938-1942), Massey-Harris Pony, Model 81 and Model 744.


We will be rebuilding the engine and differential, replacing the air filter, installing new clutch assembly, media blasting and a new paint job.


We have removed the engine shroud to start disassembling for the rebuild.

The fenders and dash have been removed.

Leaving for media blasting

Post Media Blast

Epoxy Sealing

Engine Installation

Preparing Fuel Tank for install

Cleaning up the engine block.

Cleaned the rocker arm pieces to assemble.

The engine block is all cleaned up.

Installing the rocker arm and pistons in the engine block.

Lining up the gears to make sure they are in their proper place.

Final assembly of the engine before reinstalled.

Cleaning off the fly wheel.

The fly wheel and ring have been cleaned up.

Adding the new hoses and new lines on the engine.

We are ready to install the transmission.

The transmission has been installed, along with the shifting gear box and release bearing.

We have gotten the fly wheel installed and the pilot bearing installed on the fly wheel.

The newly rebuilt engine has been installed along with the starter.

Assembling the spindles and kingpins to install.

We have the grille brush guard installed.

Preparing to paint the body in the paint booth.

The tractor has been painted grey and they have begun assembly.