October 19, 2023

1997 Horse Trailer

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Step into the captivating transformation of a 1997 horse trailer, reborn as a charming coffee bar, right here at Texoma Classics. Our restoration journey isn’t just about reviving vintage vehicles; it’s about turning them into captivating stories. This project, in particular, is a testament to our passion for crafting unique experiences. Witness the evolution of this horse trailer as it morphs into a mobile coffee haven, where the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee meets the nostalgia of classic design. Join us on this visual journey through each meticulous step, from the initial concept to the final coffee pour, and discover the magic of our restoration expertise.

This customer came in with a 2 horse trailer to convert into a coffee/wine mobile business.

We have removed the doors to modify them into a ramp.

The old doors have been welded into ramps, and relocating the door latches to the side of the ramps.

We found some rotted wood, so we removed the rot and replaced with new wood.

Bodywork has been done to the ramps.

We have sprayed the interior of the ramps with undercoating and the exterior with primer.

We have installed the electrical boxes in the walls and started to run the electrical wires throughout.

The bottom ramp has been painted white.

We have cut out the counter top for the sink area.

The counter top is now installed.

We have installed the two new mini fridges.

We have installed a shelf above the counter top.

We have cut out a hole for the new sink being installed.

The new sink has been installed and along with the accessories.

We have built the plumbing from the sink to the water tank.

We have cut a hole in the roof and braced it for a new AC system to be installed.

The AC system has been installed and everything has been sealed.