September 1, 2022

1991 Airstream Trailer

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Experience the allure of classic American travel with Texoma Classics as we meticulously restore a 1991 Airstream Trailer in Sherman, Texas. This vintage Airstream isn’t just a trailer; it’s a symbol of adventure and freedom, and we’re dedicated to bringing it back to life. Join us on a captivating visual journey through the restoration process, where the spirit of classic Airstreams meets modern craftsmanship and innovation.

At Texoma Classics, our passion for preserving the art of travel shines through in every restoration project we undertake. With the 1991 Airstream Trailer, we’re not just restoring a trailer; we’re rekindling the essence of American wanderlust. Our team of skilled artisans and restoration experts meticulously breathe new life into every facet of this iconic Airstream, from its distinctive design to its modern amenities.

This isn’t just a restoration; it’s a transformation. As we pay homage to the original aesthetics while incorporating modern upgrades for enhanced comfort and functionality, we’re crafting an Airstream that captures the spirit of adventure while embracing the conveniences of today’s journeys. Whether you’re an avid traveler, a wanderer, or someone who appreciates the freedom of the open road, our restoration projects epitomize the joy of travel.

Witness the magic as Texoma Classics turns this 1991 Airstream Trailer into a rolling testament to the art of exploration, ready to take you on new adventures. Explore how we’re turning dreams into reality, one restoration at a time, and envision the possibilities for your own journey with Texoma Classics, where classic Airstreams are reborn with modern sophistication.


The Airstream Trailer Company was created by Wally Byam who began building trailers out of Masonite in his backyard during the late 1920s. In 1936, he introduced one called “The Clipper” which had aluminum walls and sleeping quarters for four people with its own water supply–a great improvement over previous models at only $1k!

In 1974, Airstream began manufacturing a Class A motorhome and sold it as the ” Argosy”. They had two models: 20 feet long with 24-inch wide tires (6 meters) for less than $50000 USD; or 30+ footer featuring saddle interior upholstery on vintage furnishings such as leather seats from Hepplewhite furniture store in Denver Colorado called ‘Stella’s Gold’. This 1962 Tradewind bought by Art Costello became one of only 2 known gold colorways ever made!

Restoration In Progress

This 1991 Airstream was brought to Texoma Classics for a full interior restoration. We began with replacing some windows to seal up exterior leaks, and then moved on to modernizing the interior.

Customer Selected Wallpaper

It was decide to go with a mix of deep blues on white for the interior

Starting Frame out around Electrical System

Getting the Interior Ready for Primer & Paint

A Fresh Coat of Paint

The customer selected a comforting baby blue, and we also took this time to add a bit of warmth with a new fireplace and multi-color LED lighting.

Looking to Restore your Airstream?

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