June 9, 2023

1975 Ford F100

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Experience the resurrection of a classic American workhorse with Texoma Classics as we meticulously restore a 1975 Ford F100 in Sherman, Texas. This vintage Ford F100 isn’t just a truck; it’s a symbol of reliability, ruggedness, and timeless design. We’re dedicated to bringing this iconic pickup back to its former glory, combining its enduring aesthetics with modern craftsmanship. Join us on this captivating visual journey through the restoration process, where the spirit of American craftsmanship meets cutting-edge automotive expertise.

At Texoma Classics, our passion for preserving automotive history shines through in every restoration project we undertake. With the 1975 Ford F100, we’re not just restoring a vehicle; we’re reviving a piece of American truck heritage. Our team of skilled artisans and restoration experts meticulously breathe new life into every aspect of this legendary pickup, from its classic bodylines to its dependable engine.

This isn’t just a restoration; it’s a transformation. As we honor the original aesthetics while infusing modern upgrades for performance and reliability, we’re crafting a pickup that captures the essence of a bygone era while meeting the demands of today’s roads. Whether you’re a classic truck enthusiast, a collector, or someone who appreciates the enduring charm of vintage pickups, our restoration projects epitomize the spirit of American craftsmanship.

Witness the magic as Texoma Classics turns this 1975 Ford F100 into a rolling testament to American truck history, ready to tackle the highways and byways once more. Explore how we’re turning dreams into reality, one restoration at a time, and envision the possibilities for your own journey with Texoma Classics, where classic trucks are reborn with a touch of modern sophistication.

This F-100 came to us in pieces for us to rebuild. We will be starting with the frame, tearing it down and spraying it with raptor liner.

We have begun tearing down the frame to clean up and spray with raptor liner.

We have gotten the core support, inner fenders and chassis epoxy sealed.

We have sprayed the chassis with Raptor Liner

The core support, inner fenders, small parts, rear axle and U bolts

The rear axel has been installed.

Assembled and installed the rear brakes.

We have gotten the front brakes and suspension assembled and installed.

The new motor mounts have been installed.

We have installed the new gas tank on the chassis.

The new engine and transmission have been installed.

Mocking up the core support with the radiator installed.

We have gotten the transmission crossmember painted and installed.

Running fuel lines from the engine to the fuel tank.

Installing new weatherstripping to the drivers door jamb and passenger side complete.

We have installed new vent window weatherstripping.

We have removed the evaporator and heater core to diagnose and repair.

We have begun installing the fuse boxes and starting running the new wiring harness throughout the cab.

Installed engine fuse box under the main fuse box.

We have mocked up the inner fender to run the headlight wire harness.

Built the maxi fuse harness and attached to firewall.

We have gotten the power steering reservoir installed.

The brake booster has been installed.

The master cylinder has been installed on the brake booster.

Modifying the throttle bracket for lines and will be installing the throttle pedal.

The driveshaft has been installed.

Sanding the firewall to paint it black.

The firewall has been painted black.

We have installed the inner fender to the firewall and core support.

We have installed the exterior fenders and hood.

We have gotten the ECU installed.

The steering column has been installed.

We have fully installed the bed on the chassis.

The new instrument cluster has been installed in the dash.

The bench seat and drivers door panel has been reinstalled.

The dash gauges light up.

We have begun installing the grille assembly.