March 21, 2023

1965 Ford Mustang

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Step into the realm of classic American muscle cars as Texoma Classics meticulously restores a 1965 Ford Mustang in Sherman, Texas. This vintage Ford Mustang isn’t just a car; it’s an emblem of American automotive excellence and style, and we’re committed to reviving its glory. Join us on an enthralling visual journey through the restoration process, where the essence of classic Mustangs harmonizes with modern craftsmanship and innovation.

At Texoma Classics, our dedication to preserving automotive heritage is evident in every restoration project we embark upon. With the 1965 Ford Mustang, we’re not just restoring a car; we’re rekindling the spirit of American muscle and performance. Our team of skilled artisans and restoration experts meticulously breathe new life into every facet of this iconic car, from its legendary design to its exhilarating power.

This isn’t just a restoration; it’s a metamorphosis. As we pay homage to the original aesthetics while incorporating modern enhancements for enhanced performance and reliability, we’re crafting a Mustang that captures the heart-pounding essence of a bygone era while embracing the demands of contemporary roads. Whether you’re a classic car enthusiast, a collector, or someone who revels in the timeless allure of vintage Mustangs, our restoration projects epitomize the spirit of American muscle.

Witness the enchantment as Texoma Classics transforms this 1965 Ford Mustang into a roaring testament to American automotive history, ready to hit the open road once more. Explore how we’re turning dreams into reality, one restoration at a time, and envision the possibilities for your own journey with Texoma Classics, where classic Mustangs are reborn with a touch of modern sophistication.

This Mustang came in for some engine work, steering column repair and fix the rear tires.

Removed the tires to be able to diagnose the brakes and shocks.

We removed the shocks to replace with new ones.

We have begun building a custom fabricated bracket for rack and pinion.

The custom fabricated rack and pinion has been installed.

We built a custom fabricated bracket for the power steering pump, installed a new steering column, steering shaft joint, steering rod installed and master cylinder.