March 21, 2023

1965 Ford Mustang

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The Ford Mustang is a series of American automobiles manufactured by Ford. In continuous production since 1964, the Mustang is currently in its sixth generation, it is the fifth-best selling Ford car nameplate. The namesake of the “pony car” automobile segment, the Mustang was developed as a highly styled line of sporty coupes and convertibles derived from existing model lines, initially distinguished by “long hood, short deck” proportions.

Originally predicted to sell 100,000 vehicles yearly, the 1965 Mustang became the most successful vehicle launch since the 1927 Model A. Introduced on April 17, 1964 (16 days after the Plymouth Barracuda), over 400,000 units in its first year; the one millionth Mustang was sold within two years of its launch. In August 2018, Ford produced the 10-millionth Mustang; matching the first 1965 Mustang, the vehicle was a 2019 Wimbledon White convertible with a V8 engine.

From 1965 until 2004, the Mustang shared chassis commonality with other Ford model lines, staying rear-wheel-drive throughout its production, From 1965 to 1973, the Mustang was derived from the 1960 For Falcon compact. From 1974 until 1978, the Mustang (denoted Mustang II) was a longer wheelbase version of the Ford Pinto. From 1979 until 2004, the Mustang shared its Fox platform chassis with 14 other Ford vehicles (becoming the final one to use the Fox architecture). Since 2005, Ford has produced two generations of the Mustang, each using a distinct platform unique to the model line.

This Mustang came in for some engine work, steering column repair and fix the rear tires.

Removed the tires to be able to diagnose the brakes and shocks.

We removed the shocks to replace with new ones.

We have begun building a custom fabricated bracket for rack and pinion.

The custom fabricated rack and pinion has been installed.

We built a custom fabricated bracket for the power steering pump, installed a new steering column, steering shaft joint, steering rod installed and master cylinder.