April 24, 2023

1961 Chevrolet Apache

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The Task Force is a light and medium duty truck series by Chevrolet, their first major redesign since 1947. Its GMC counterpart was the GMC Blue Chip series. It was billed as being more stylish compared to the earlier Advance Design Series while still maintaining its rugged durability. First available on March 25, 1955, these trucks were sold with various minor changes over the years until 1959, when the C and K Series trucks replaced the Task Force models for 1960.

GM redesigned their truck line for the 2nd half of 1955, but sold both designs that year; the older design became known as the 1st series, and the newer design as the 2nd Series. Commercial trucks and various other heavy duty models were also available. Chevrolet and GMC named their new series independently.

The cousins were differentiated by running gear and interiors; Chevrolet used Chevrolet engines, and GMC used GMC inline Sixes and Pontiac V8s (Oldsmobile V8s in the Heavy-Duty trucks).

For the first time in GM history, trucks were available with optional power steering, power brakes, and V8s. A column-shifted 3-speed manual transmission was standard, with an optional floor-shift-4 speed manual or Hydramatic automatic. The electrical system got an upgrade to 12 volts.

The new body featured the truck industry’s first wrap-around windshield, and an optional wrap around rear window for Deluxe cab models. Headlights became integrated into the fenders. The cab got taller, and in-cab steps replaced the running boards of previous models. A “step” between the cab and rear fender aided access to items inside the pickup bed. Redesigned bed fenders were carried through the next generation body that ended in 1966.

We will be performing an inspection on the mechanical and electrical aspects to see what will need to be restored.