March 19, 2024

1955 Ford Thunderbird

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The Ford Thunderbird (colloquially called the T-Bird) is a personal luxury car manufactured and marketed by Ford from model years 1955 to 2005 (with a 1997-2002 hiatus), across 11 generations. Introduced as a two-sear convertible, the Thunderbird was offered variously as a four-seat hardtop coupe, four-seat convertible, five-seat convertible and hardtop, four-door pillared hardtop sedan, six-passenger pillared coupe, with the final generation designed again as a two-seat convertible.

Ford targeted the two-seat Thunderbird as an upscale model, but the 1958 model, but the 1958 model year design introduced a rear seat and arguably marked the expansion of a market segment eventually known as personal luxury cars, positioned to emphasize comfort and convenience over handling and high-speed performance.

The Thunderbird entered production for the 1955 model year as a sporty two-seat convertible. Unlike the Chevrolet Corvette, it was not marketed as a sports car. Ford positioned the Thunderbird as an upscale model and it is credited in developing a new market segment, the personal luxury car.

This vehicle came in for some work to be done on the convertible top, new interior upholstery, repair door latches and the glove box door. We will also be upgrading the old drum brakes to disc brakes.

We have washed all the mud off the vehicle.

We have gotten the convertible top out and installed to inspect its condition.

We have removed the upholstery from the convertible top frame to replace with new material.

We have begun removing the old wiring harness to replace with a brand new one.

The new seatbelts have been installed.

The new wiring harness is being worked throughout the interior and engine bay.

The dash trim has been removed in order to move the radio in the dash.

The headlights have been wired in and running more wires throughout the engine area.

We are starting the rear disc brake conversion by removing to old drum brakes.