November 9, 2022

1948 Mercury

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The Mercury Eight is an automobile that was marketed by the Mercury division of Ford between 1939 and 1951. The debut model line of the Mercury division, Ford slotted the full-size Mercury Eight between the Ford Deluxe (later Custom) model lines and the Lincoln. In total, Ford assembled three generations of the Eight (before and after World War II).

During its production, the Eight offered a full range of body styles, including coupes, sedans, convertibles and station wagons. For its first generation, the Eight was produced with its own body, adapting its own version of a Ford body for its second generation; for the third generation, the Eight shared its body with the Lincoln.

For the 1952 model year, Ford expanded its namesake division to three nameplates and Lincoln and Mercury to two each, with Mercury replacing the Eight with Monterey (introduced in 1950 as a trim option), lasting until 1974.

For all practical purposes the 1948 Mercury Eights were identical to the 1947s. The major changes consisted of different dial faces and no steering column lock. 50,268 Mercury Eights were sold.

We will be removing the transmission to diagnose the clutch and ring gear. There is also a leak that we will locate and fix.

We removed the hood and also the radiator.

The engine and transmission have been removed.

We have finished installing the carburetors and working on completing wiring.

The radiator has been reinstalled.