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Welcome to Texoma Classics, the heart of classic automotive excellence in Sherman, Texas. Our renowned facility is just a stone's throw from Oklahoma and the shimmering waters of Lake Texoma, serving as a crossroads for classic car enthusiasts across Texomaland. We specialize in meticulously restoring everything from Dodge Brothers and Model T classics to crafting custom recreations that marry timeless design with modern technology. At Texoma Classics, we're more than just classic autos nearby—we're a destination for those who value heritage and quality craftsmanship.

Our dedicated team at Texoma Classics doesn't merely restore cars; we resurrect history on wheels. Whether it's a full restoration or creating a custom recreation, we understand the nuances of vehicles from every era. Our comprehensive services cater to all aspects of classic car care, including custom paint jobs, authentic upholstery, and modern upgrades like Vintage Air Conditioning and state-of-the-art audio systems. Seeking a "restoration shop near me"? Look no further than Texoma Classics, where every vehicle is treated as a masterpiece.

Every classic car that rolls into our shop near Lake Texoma is promised a future as bright as its storied past. Our passion for classic car restoration drives us to deliver nothing less than excellence. Browse our services and see how each classic car restored is a celebration of its legacy, now equipped for the roads of tomorrow. At Texoma Classics, your search for "classic car restoring" ends with a journey back in time, powered by modern innovation.

For those who reside in Texomaland or across the border in Oklahoma, Texoma Classics is your local beacon for "classic car restoration near me". Embrace the experience of classic car restoring where tradition meets state-of-the-art efficiency. We're not just preserving classics—we're redefining them. Join us in Sherman, Texas, for a classic car revival that goes beyond expectations.

Build a Brand New Muscle Car, or the classic car of your dreams with Texoma Classics



How Building a Replica or Recreation Works

Building a Classic Car from Scratch

First, we select a make and model of Classic that fits your style. Then, We work with you to determine a wish list of parts to build the car of your dreams. We offer a wide variety of body styles, and have built Cobra Kit Cars, Chevelle Kit Cars, Hot Rod Kit Cars, Speedsters, Coupes, and even Supercar builds like the Ford GT.
More Info About Classic Recreations
Why Choose Texoma Classics?

Choosing Texoma Classics means entrusting your cherished vehicle to the leading classic car restoration shop in the greater Texomaland area, including nearby Oklahoma and Lake Texoma. Under our expert care, your classic will be revered and revitalized with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship. But why should we be your first choice? It's our unparalleled dedication to restoring and recreating automotive legends, coupled with our commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience. Discover our passion for excellence by exploring our detailed service offerings.

At Texoma Classics, we don't just talk about quality—we show it through every project we undertake. From the revival of timeless Dodge Brothers automobiles to the personalized touch on custom recreations, our team is adept at handling all your "classic car restoration near me" needs. Our restoration services are comprehensive, ensuring that every aspect of your vehicle is meticulously crafted to meet both heritage standards and modern expectations.

As an integral part of the Texomaland automotive community, we at Texoma Classics respect and contribute to our region's rich car culture. We believe that classic cars are more than just vehicles—they are memories embodied in metal and chrome. This belief is at the core of every "classic car restored" at our facility. With cutting-edge techniques and traditional values, we ensure that each "classic car restoring" project is a seamless fusion of past and present.

By selecting Texoma Classics, you're choosing a team that stands by the artistry and history of classic automobiles. Our reputation in Sherman, Texas, and beyond is built upon trust, expert skill, and the love for every car that enters our garage. Connect with us to discuss your vision for your vehicle, and let us guide you through every step of the restoration or recreation process. With Texoma Classics, your dream car is just a conversation away. Visit our contact page to begin your classic car's journey to perfection.

Discover Our Craftsmanship: The Project Gallery

At Texoma Classics, our love for automotive history is rivaled only by our commitment to innovation. Each vehicle we touch is not just a project, but a canvas for showcasing the perfect blend of tradition and cutting-edge technology. Our Project Gallery is a testament to the meticulous care and expertise we pour into every restomod and classic recreation.

Dive into our diverse portfolio of restorations and recreations, where you'll find detailed chronicles of vehicles like the iconic '69 Camaro restomod, the timeless beauty of a 1969 Mustang restomod, and the modern performance of a Corvette restomod. Our gallery isn't just about the finished masterpiece; it's a step-by-step journey through the transformation of each vehicle.

Whether you're drawn to the sleek lines of a classic Corvette or the raw power of a restomod Camaro, our Project Gallery showcases a wide array of masterpieces. We take pride in every restomod Mustang that roars to life in our shop, and we cherish the opportunity to write new chapters for every classic, from the C3 Corvette resto-mod to the Chevelle restomod.

Texoma Classics isn't just a restoration shop; it's a bridge to the past and a gateway to the future of classic cars. By navigating through our projects, you'll witness the transformation of classics into restomods, ready for the roads of today while honoring the heritage of yesteryear. We invite you to explore our Project Gallery and envision the limitless possibilities that await your own classic car at Texoma Classics.